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    My Thoughts on Step Ten


Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.


            This is the first of the maintenance steps once I have learned steps one through step nine my own recovery will be on a firm footing and I can begin getting on with life free of my addiction to alcohol keeping myself humble and honest is one of the purposes of step ten


Daily looking at our actions and promptly admitting when we are wrong and to make amends for the wrongs done step ten is one of the best ways to ensure we continue to develop physically and emotionally maintaining sobriety


I will still make mistakes the tenth step gives me a tool for the continuing self-evaluation that leads to serenity and balance I know I am not in charge I have to look to God for guidance I sure do need to take a daily inventory of my actions I have to be sure I acted not reacted situations


I did the fourth step and have made most of the amends for my past but even doing that some things come back to me years after doing the fourth step so I not only need to look at the day but still have stuff from the past that comes up


I used to say I cleared up everything but being a black out drinker stuff surfaces so I keep the past open but need to learn how to straighten out my present state of affairs I have to look at what this step can do for my anger, depression, hope, love, and acceptance


All life is full of mistakes and I need to look at my part in everything I do or say step ten helps me to make sure I have not hurt anyone with my thought or actions   watching what we do daily keeps us from doing the same thing of the past


I can keep track by looking at my mood and what I'm actually doing When I realize I'm angry or sad or whatever, I mentally check to see what’s going on sometimes it's a simple as needing a break other times I'll realize I am letting a resentment build up with-in me


I also have to remember this inventory is not to be totally negative if I use the Step to it's fullest I also need to keep track of what was good this day not just the mistakes I have made I do not want to wallow in what I am do wrong


A willingness to make an instant apology when I need to helps I don't mean for every little thing but the true taking of responsibility that can make such a positive difference and create solutions for myself and others as well


This Step can seem like it is never-ending and when you think about it we all make mistakes on a daily basis so it is ever ending in the sense we are Human beings trying to follow a spiritual way of life and this step is a great tool for mental, spiritual and physical growth for us all


God has given me the chance to make things right here and now as I do them step ten keeps me in reality where I do not to return to my old behaviors   steps ten -eleven-twelve are the living steps of doing them right will keep us from ever returning to our past behaviors


God gave us the way out and we need to use every tool He has given us


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