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††† My Thoughts on Step Twelve


Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs.


Step twelve is about carrying the message from one alcoholic talking to another alcoholic it is how the program started has grown and how most of us came to recovery Twelve Step work can be exciting and rewarding and it's easier to talk about and experience than the rest of the 12th Step.


A spiritual awakening as a result of practicing the Steps simple but it requires all the steps that's what as a result of these steps means there's nothing in this step that calls for delay or getting ready for an inventory or hedging on amends an awakening is the result of all the Steps


Practicing the principles is simply the continuing use of the steps to keep us right sized and attuned to Gods will for us on a daily basis It's is a daily practice formal and informal over time it becomes a part of us acting as our ground to living one day at a time


It is with this awakening and practice that gives us not only freedom from our alcoholism but the serenity to accept things as they are it is this awakening and practice that let's us move in our world with confidence knowing that our skin fits and we can deal with all that life hands us


Carrying the message of recovery to others is what the program is all about back in the early days the program grew mostly by word of mouth one drunk talking to another in those days there was much more shame associated with alcoholism even admitting the disease was a stigma on the recovering


It was also recognized that a recovered alcoholic often got much better results working with another practicing drunk than did the professional people when I tell my story to a fellow drunk it is easer for him to identify with me they can believe me easer than with a counselor


The secret is telling the truth about what it was like and being willing to listen to what they are saying or answering question that are on their minds being new to recovery I wanted to get everyone sober I was convinced that anyone who asked for my help really wanted it.


Sadly this wasn't true some come and just aren't ready to let go of their addiction It took me time and almost getting drunk to realize that my job was to carry the message as best I could but not get caught up in the mess the results belonged to the other person and their God


There are lots of ways to get involved with this type of 12 Step work. We can reach out to a new comer volunteer to help them or take a meeting into a jail or other institution or give our name to the Central Office or Intergroup that fieldís calls for help. We can also let others know a bit of our story


Carrying the message and being willing to carry the message means we have a message to carry a that message is"God can do for us what we can not do for ourselves if only we let Him" before we can give it back we have to learn how to thru all 12 steps


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