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Step Twelve


Having had a spiritual awakening I TRY! To carry this message to alcoholics


"God can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves” if we let Him!!


Step 12 is another action step working with other alcoholics who are still active


This takes a lot of action to work with our fellow alcoholics who are still out there


This is why we learned how to live and practice all Twelve Steps in our daily lives


Carrying the message is the very basics of recovery to us all who seek a new life


What I do to carry the message is very simple because I stick to the basics of AA


Sobriety is all about my disease of alcoholism that is not cured and never will be


If I stray to far for the teachings I will be lost again to suffer the misery of my past


God asked me to give up one thing! Alcohol! And he took my desire to drink away


Just as soon as I got humble and honest enough to ask Him to do this for me


This took some time because I had to find out who I was a step four had to be done


I found out also who I could become thru the practice of the teachings of the 12 steps


AA gave me a new life and the tools to use with that new life and by getting active


I will stay sober and have a useful life filled with the same hope as those who came before me


The very basics of AA is to reach out to others who suffer from our disease


Show them the unconditional love and friendship we got when we came into the halls


12-step work is also being the coffee maker picking up the chairs at the end of the meeting


Talk with others who are new open meetings sharing at the podium and cleaning up after


We always go on commitments in a group so we all feel part of and not alone in recovery


As time passed we get more active with service work become a secretary or treasurer


Groups have many jobs to be filled these online meetings need support its easy to chair one


Or greet people coming in God works thru people stay with the basics recovery will carry on






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