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"Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity."


1. What can we believe in?


Well I do believe I was powerless over alcohol and change was possible if a power outside myself could help me to stay sober and my life could again become manageable I was reduced to a state hopelessness filled with fear and despair not knowing how to stop drinking I needed a power greater than the sick egotistical self righteous fearful self that I was My first belief in a higher power was a group of drunks I met at my first meeting


2. Does A.A demand belief in anything in order to get sober?


Alcoholics Anonymous does not demand that we believe anything the steps are but suggestions to get sober and to stay sober all I needed to do is become willing with an open mind to looking at how a power greater than myself could help to keep me from a drink today at this point I still did not trust

The condemning vengeful God of my understanding at that point in my sobriety


3. Are the Twelve Steps only suggestions to live by?


Yes they all pointed me in the right direction to become willing to change my old habits of living and willing to become open minded to change in my attitudes and they showed me a way to find that power greater than myself this was still the group of drunks because of my desperation I had to accept they were right because they seemed happy and full of life


4. How Important is an open mind to recovery?


Open mind for me was an absolute if I were to be able to sit at meeting after meeting learning how to listen to speaker after speaker tell me how they changed their lives around and have become usefully whole I knew they had something I wanted But when I closed my mind to change it put me back in charge of my own life doing things my way once again but I still was not able to trust God as I saw Him at that time


5. What are the Varieties of ways we can use to find faith?


I had to become less defiance and start trying to ask what Godís will was for me instead of telling Him what it ought to be for me belief did mean reliance not defiance After all I was spared from alcohol's final catastrophe death I did see others calmly accept impossible situations not running or

Trying to get even this was because of their faith and it did work for them under all conditions Yes I had to find some humility to go forward toward the find the God of my new understanding

6. Can we Substitute A.A. for our Higher Power?


Well I know I did in the beginning of my recovery and for quite some time AA thru that group of drunks I started to believe in were truly my higher power at the time if I did not believe in what they were telling me I would never have gone on with recovery in AA I would have gone back out but I did need more than this wonderful group so I started to do that prayer thingy must admit when I did The desire to drink left me


7. What are the Problems of intellectuality and self-sufficiency?


Intellectually self-sufficient person thatís me far too smart for my own good I did use my ego to blow up everything into that prideful balloon carefully hiding this from others so I thought pride would not let me think other wise knowledge is powerful if it is used fro the good of all but when it is used for selfish purposes it always brings me down


8. What is the relationship to positive and negative thinking in recovery?


This is a question of faith I did not yet have every time I looked into my past it was always to look at what others did to poor little Al it was so easy to blame others for all my troubles sure I played the victim right to the limits on my own reasoning false reasoning but never the less true to me at the time AA taught me to look at myself and what part I played in the mishaps of my life looking towards a solution to the problems not dwelling in the negative like I did so many years


9. Is defiance is an outstanding characteristic of alcoholics


I did not have any idea how irrational I was until thru the steps I saw my own irrationality this was very to face just the suggestion that I was in fact mentally illI was totally blind to the factI so defiant I did not understand the difference between sane drinking and alcoholism "Sanity" is defined as "soundness of mind." Looking at my destructive behavior and insane attitude toward all who I perceived harmed me well I could not claim I was in soundness of mind


10. Is Step Two a rallying point to sanity and recovery?


††††††††††† Therefore, Step Two is the rallying point for all of us. Whether agnostic, atheist, or former believer, we can stand together on this Step. True humility and an open mind can lead us to faith, and every A.A, meeting is an assurance that God will restore us to sanity if we rightly relate ourselves to Him this is that doorway into Step three making the decision to turn my life and will over to my new found God


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