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Tradition Two

"For our group purpose, there is but one ultimate authority - a loving God as He may express Himself in our group conscience."


Where does A.A. get its direction? Well I know today it comes from the group’s conscience because it’s thru the group that the whole of AA is run


Aa has no president having authority to govern it no treasurer who can compel the payment of any dues no board of directors who can cast an erring member into outer darkness


 No member can give another an order and enforce the person to conform to that members way of thinking thank God aa is an upside down fellowship where the individual member has the right to be wrong


When we read Tradition Two we learn that the sole authority in AA is a loving God as He may express Himself in the group conscience

For me to get sober and stay sober I had to find this power greater than myself I found this power the God of my understanding all loving and forgiven

I did come to depend upon my new found God He is a source of strength and a source of positive acceptance of my malady the cunning baffling disease of alcoholism

Today I do have an inner security I found a sense of purpose I never knew before As the days pass I learned from daily experience what my character defects and short comings were and became willing that they be removed by my God

Each group, as well as each member is a special entity none quite like any other AA groups are basically the same looking for the same sense of purpose helping another alcoholic

Every AA group has a conscience it is the collective conscience of its own membership following the guidelines of AA as a whole

I know my home group recognize its own defects of character and one by one thru the groups conscience has removed or lessened there negative impact on aa as a whole

The groups receive right direction by tending to its own affairs Trial and error produces group experience and out of corrected experiences comes tradition

The Greater Power is working through a clear group conscience our growing AA Traditions will prove to be the will of God for us all

AA found it needs little need for man-made rules or regulations despite the fact that we do veer off at times on tangents

With respect to its own affairs, the collective conscience of the group will almost surely demonstrate its dependability

The group conscience will, in the end, prove a far more infallible guide for group affairs than the decision of any individual member however good or wise he may be

 Our active leadership is of service thru our trusted servants rotation of duties we enjoy a kind of democracy in the respect that we may unique in society

Therefore we of Alcoholics Anonymous are certain that there is but one ultimate authority, "a loving God as he may express himself in our group conscience."








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