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Step Three

Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him."


1. How is Step Three like the opening of a locked door?


I have heard many times from speakers they were given the KEYS to the kingdom well in all my readings of step three there is only one KEY and that is willingness when the door is unlocked by willingness we do see an inscription. It reads: "This is the way to a faith that works."  Well it takes the willingness but also need to take the action not much sense in unlocking a door with out stepping inside and that takes action also must always remember the inscription states its just a way to a faith that works


2. How is willingness the key to open the door?


With out becoming willing to seek out this God of your understanding I could not have gone on with the rest of the steps to recovery I know myself will and greed along with my Ego would have slammed that door shut again I needed to be vigilant about keeping an open mind to the changes I needed to take and the action of walking thru that door was a fearful step to take because I still did not really want God in my life at that point


3. Is dependence upon God and fellowship a means to independence?


Dependence on God was starting to take place opening that locked door and I had already started to depend on this group of drunks to guide me in the right direction when my life was completely unmanageable I found that yes I needed guidance in all things concerning what my next right step would be and dependence on God and fellowship gave me true independence of spirit in my new life every human being is dependent upon someone or some thing to sustain their life we in alcoholics anonymous are more aware of this because unaided by others in the fellowship none of us would survive


4. What are the dangers of self-sufficiency in recovery?


Wow the great I am could do everything for myself I did not need anyone around me who would not do as I said because I was always right they were always wrong well this step three was the real beginning of my finding out who I really was and why I need to stop playing God and start to give up my ideas that I was completely self-sufficient I was so screwed up with my own thinking that I finally gave up on life itself so I guess self-sufficiency is just a mask to hide my fear and ego under

5. What does turning our will over to a Higher Power mean?


            Well in step three we are asked to make a decision to turn our lives and will over to Gods care as we understand him so I guess the action was needed to see just what I was turning over and to who I was turning it over to this is where steps 4 thru 9 come into play its thru the actions of taken the rest of the steps I found out exactly where I needed to change my ways of living and by learning who this power greater than myself is I could make the final decision to turn my life over to His care


6. How did we misuse our willpower in recovery?


Well for me it was when I began to understand what gods will is for me that I honestly and humble tried to make my will conform with God's to me Gods will is simply doing the next right thing to help another human being and in the process not hurt anyone else yes my whole trouble had been the misuse of my own free will I see now how I had tried to bombard my problems with free will instead of attempting to bring my will into agreement with God's will for me


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