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Tradition three

The only requirement for A.A. membership is a desire to stop drinking


I must change with the tide, and show the newcomers of today their experiences must be shared in their own way not mine


I must give people the same kind of unconditional love forgiveness, understanding and most importantly tolerance the same things I received when I arrived at the doors


Change is an absolute growth is optional I must continue to grow with the rest of you or I will parish in a sea of drug addiction like so many others did before me


Yes!!! Addiction from the drug alcohol as well as street drugs or prescription drugs WE cannot hide behind a screen and only look at one part of our problems


To tell someone especially a newcomer in an open forum like on the floor of a speaker meeting or in an open discussion meeting they don't belong can only add to their bewilderment


It is embarrassing and humiliating to have someone being ostracized because they are different than some of us my son was treated this way in a meeting he was sharing his ESH on the podium


My son a full blown alcoholic trying to share his experience what happen to Him how he found the doors of aa like so many others in aa today he started out with drugs and turned to alcohol


As he was sharing what happened to him a bleeding deacon told him to sit down because THEY did not care about his drugs he had three months sober from alcohol and was trying the aa way of life


He has never gone back to an aa meeting since this happened and now he needs a liver transplant because of cirrhosis did this bleeding deacon help him stay sober?????????????


When I hear these comments at meetings "you don't belong I don't want to here about drugs I know how hopeless and despairing this can be to that person suffering from the dual addiction of alcohol and drugs


He felt like he was to be cast out before anyone could get to know who or what he was these remarks could cause the death of a person who needs all our help to overcome the very disease we all suffer from


To me as a member of AA for the past thirty-two years it is embarrassing and humiliating to have someone being ostracized because they are a little different than me


Tradition three shows us that we've thrown away all membership rules and regulations that might keep you out I want you to have the same chance for sobriety that I had  


 AA decided to be inclusive.... never exclusive so for me if you say you belong it is good enough for me I Welcome all to aa for it is what this tradition is all about










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