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Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or AA as a whole.


1. Do I insist that there are only a few right ways of doing things in AA?


In aa there are no right ways or wrongs ways we all have the right to choose or as it says in tradition conform to nothing we have no rules or regulations this also applies to the traditions groups have the right to decide what they want to do I always try to follow the groups collective conscience on matters effecting the group or AA as a whole


2. Does my group always consider the welfare of the rest of AA? Of nearby groups? Of loners in Alaska? Of internationalists miles from port? Of a group in Rome or El Salvador?


My group always considers the welfare of all AA groups and yes we support the loners no matter where they my be again AA and the AA group is all inclusive never exclusive we all have that primary purpose of carrying the message to those who suffer



3. Do I put down other members behavior when it is different from mine, or do I learn from it?


I may express my feeling on any subject that comes before the group but I do not try to put others down because they differ from me free expression is a two way street every member has a right to share how they may feel on any subject before the group after everyone is heard on the matters a group conscience vote will put any disagreement to rest we all learn from each other


4. Do I always bear in mind that, to those outsiders who know I am in AA may I to some extent represent our entire beloved fellowship?


I try very hard to let all those who I come in contact with in or out of the program I can only speak for my personal experiences that no one at this can speak on behalf of the entire worldwide fellowship, or indeed any of the groups. We are the message how we carry it is an individual matter


5. Am I willing to help a newcomer go to any lengths - his lengths, not mine- to stay sober?


Yes we are all different and may have different ideas on how to work this program so if someone what to go to any length to stay sober all I can do is share my own experience strength and hope they may not agree with everything I did to stay sober some have different beliefs that me this should not stop me from reaching out to help him


6. Do I share my knowledge of AA tools with other members who may not have heard of them?


When ever I share one on one or from the podium it is always my knowledge of this program I learned from listening to others and now I try to give back to others what was so freely given to me some times when our in service work you have to share things with the general public through our public relations policy this is all part of carrying the message


The checklist is a reprint from June 1970 Grapevine






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