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Tradition Five

Each group has but one primary purpose - to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers.


1.      Do I ever cop out by saying, " I'm not a group, and so this or that Tradition doesn't apply to me"?


So far I have not needed any excurse to say this or that tradition does not apply to me the traditions like the steps are a tool for living do I agree with everything in the traditions not really but I do my best to make them apply to me and my way of thinking



2. Am I willing to explain firmly to a newcomer the limitations of AA help, even if he gets mad at me for not giving him a loan?


It would not be fair to a newcomer if the program was not explained in full to them after all most of us when we came to aa we were looking for the easier softer way if I could have conned anyone I sure would have tried so its important to explain just what AA will do and will not do



3. Have I today imposed on any AA member for a special favor or consideration simply because I am a fellow alcoholic?


I try hard to not impose my will on anyone for any reason my program is separate from my personal desires for any type of consideration on the merits I Ďam a recovering alcoholic this goes alone with what the limitations of AAís help to others must stop


4. Am I willing to twelfth-step the next newcomer without regard to who or what is in it for me?


The very basics of the program tells me whatís in it for me another day of sobriety and I try to stick to the basics of AA in all my twelve step work I do believe in when anyone anyway reaches a hand out for help I want the hand of AA to be there and I do feel I am responsible for reaching out


5. Do I help my group in every way I can to fulfill our primary purpose?


Yes I do and I also have to remember my own physical limitations when I try to help it is not being of service to a group if I have a health problem that limits my ability to perform the duties of the position I accept in my group but I still can reach out and help or chair a meetings and do many of the small jobs that need to be done


6. Do I remember that AA old-timers, too, can be alcoholics who still suffer? Do I try to help them and to learn from them?


Very easy to remember this with 32 years of sobriety myself many times I have reached out to my fellows to help sit listen give ride many other things we can do to help anyone new or long timers we all have situations that make is vulnerable to the rigors of life on lifeís terms this is why we say itís a we program the essence of recovery is to get out of yourself and help others



© The checklist is a reprint from June 1970 Grapevine






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