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††† My Thoughts on Step Seven

Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings


Once I had become willing for God to remove my defects of character I simply needed to humbly ask Him that's what Step seven tells me and In some ways it really is that simple I know it just does not seem that simple


The 7th Step is letting go and is a huge undertaken for most alkies being able to let something go some times feels like we just want to take it back again I know I just needed to accept the process of letting go and when acceptance is there letting go almost takes care of itself


I had to accept it just as it is if the acceptance was real the letting go would just happen I know I could not cheat if I accepted it so it would have to change my acceptance had to be absolute and total done with a lot of humility


And step 7 is how I deal with humility for me it was to become totally honest with myself and with others I have had lots of experience with humiliation as a direct result of my alcoholism and I had discovered I did not have much in the self esteem level


Today I know humility is the desire to seek and do God's will for me but trying to find Godís will for me is a huge undertaken I could not do this alone I needed a lot of help from my sponsor and the fellowship


Thank God the Big Book stayed out of the religions and made it safe for all to find recovery I have thru the fellowship learned to be honest with myself this phrase works as a good guideline to humility If something works well for me it's probably God's will for me


Thinking about it meant I have to know a some thing about myself like what was I good at what we're my most glowing defects and so much stuff in between the best and worst of me

Finding just what was good in my life was hard the hardest part


My self-esteem was at its lowest point ever and before I got to AA I just wanted to take my life nothing in the whole world was worth living for so I thought thanks to God I did not succeed in my plan to end my life


The steps gave me a chance to see how much more there was in life after booze took my defects and turned them into assets to use in helping others find their way working with others just like others worked with me to find peace and real happiness


Step seven gave me the chance to really get more honest and humble with myself not just in the staying sober but in life itself step six and seven gave me the opportunity to solve problems other than alcohol like living life in a selfless manner 


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