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"Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions."



This simply means we pay our own way by passing the basket a dollar a meeting is a lot of money if you go twice a day like I did in the beginning of recovery But I managed to give whenever I could because I want aa to always be here


You can't mix program and money we had to separate the spiritual from the material despite these misgivings we had to recognize the fact we had to function as an organization


Meeting cost money for rents coffee supplies books we have to support the structure of aa from the group to the district to the inter-group to the area and on up to out general service office


Positions have to be filled with workers telephones manned and full-time people need to be hired these things had to be done   if they weren’t the man coming in the door couldn't get help 


These simple services require money we would have to raise to pay for these services a dollar a year per member was all our founders asked from each member in the beginning


Today with the growing numbers of people seeking help one or two dollars a meeting is needed To keep the fellowship going being ready and willing to reach out and help the new people


There is a place in aa where spirituality and money would mix and that was in the basket give what you can so aa will always be here for the still sick and suffering


            In the beginning it was a conflict as to just how was the money going to be used a lot wanted to start up hospitals treatment centers clubhouses etc?


After seeing all the problems that would come from all these enterprises and how involved everyone would be they decided it would be best to not have money


When Bill saw all the mail and questions coming in it became apparent more help would be need to answer all the mail the service office idea was formed then and the need to hire works apparent


There was so much fear about how to do the work and who should be paid why couldn’t they find outside help to finance the foundation


All these fears that turned out to be very healthy Today we have the fear’s of having to much excess money and would we become greedy and use it for self-centered purposes


This has been done until the group conscience decided what the money would be used for and in most groups it’s to support aa as a whole not to pay people for 12-step work that keeps them sober in the first place


Tradition seven is God’s intervention to keep us humble and stead fast to carry out our primary purpose of helping the all to find recovery in this program not get messed up in matters of money and grandiose


The responsibility of supporting aa is directly upon AA members It is the only way we could be truly self-supporting each and every individual member is the person who thru the group conscience tells aa where to spend the collective money of the program and their individual group



We need to only concern ourselves with paying the group expenses on a monthly basis the excess money goes to the District Inter-group area and the general service office a prudent reserve usually 3 months operating expenses is keep to be sure to meet the monthly services of the group









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