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Alcoholics Anonymous should remain forever non-professional, but our service centers may employ special workers.



1. Is my own behavior accurately described by the Traditions?


To the surprise of others yes my actions are right online with all the traditions but then what others think is none of my business God is the one who I need to answer to with faith and by working I to have been able to build upon the lessons of an incredible experience


If not, what needs changing?


If I were to change anything it would be the way I react to any given situation I am human and I do act upon feelings at times I need to always use that good old restraint of pen and tongue by looking over what’s happening I can then act upon the situations that come up


2. When I chafe about any particular Tradition, do I realize how it affects others?


Chafe:  transitive and intransitive verb become annoyed, or annoy somebody: to be or make somebody irritated, annoyed, or impatient yes I do and many times this happens because some are fixed on their own interpretations of the traditions that they over look what the majority has to say there by causing their own irritation I try not to reply to this kind of aggravation some times saying nothing is best


3. Do I sometimes try to get some reward - even if not money - for my personal AA efforts?


A twelfth step call is all the reward I could ever want doing Gods will is to do it anonymously reaching out to help others and watching them grow in recovery is a fantastic adventure

And I need not brag about it to anyone


4. Do I try to sound in AA like an expert on alcoholism on recovery, medicine sociology psychology spiritual matters Or, heaven help me, even on humility?


Guess the best answer I can give on this is NO I try to only carry the message of recovery not the mess all I anyone can do is share their own experience strength and hope with another who seeks recovery if I need to I will tell some one to seek professional help in other matters

Because I am not qualified to do anything else


5. Do I make an effort to understand what AA employees do?


Holding every position in AA except delegate to world services I think I have a fantastic understanding as to how our service positions are a vital link to AA as a whole with out them we could not operate the districts Intergroup s area and world service offices and we need to pay these people what they are worth in the open market


What workers in other alcoholism agencies do?


I know they also play a vital part in helping others as professionals in the field of alcoholism recovery, medicine sociology psychology spiritual matters the list could go on for ever we need them all to help us with problems other than alcohol thing we are best left for them to handle


6. In my own AA life, have I any experiences, which illustrate the wisdom of this Tradition?


Well I have seen many in the field get so involved with the professions that some have had relapse over them not everyone is able to handle all the pressures that go with being a consular in the field of alcoholism many go into this because of the overwhelming need to reach out and help others the problem was they forgot to keep focus on themselves


7. Have I paid enough attention to the book TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS? To the pamphlet "AA Tradition - How it Developed"?


   Yes I have and the big book and 12 steps as well as the traditions are suggested way to recover to me they are the best way and I know even in the big book it tells me more will be revealed to us if our own house is in order AA like anything else changes with time and following the guide lines that were given to us by our co-founders is still a mere beginning of reaching out to all who suffer we have to change with the times or we will parish in a sea of despair the debating over who is right or wrong is only causing more grief than help in anyone’s recovery


© The checklist is a reprint from June 1970 Grapevine






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