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Step Eight


"Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all."


When I made the list of all persons I had harmed this included all people places and things


Steps eight and step nine for me just go together making the list and making the amends


Well after I made that list of all persons I had harmed in step four I sure did not become willing to make amends to them all


I still had a lot more of this cleaning up the wreckage of my past lots more work to do there


I still had to accept the new knowledge of myself with new attitudes and new behaviors


this was hard when in the back of my mind I still had those big dreams of grandeur


where I was still the greatest thing that ever happen to mankind her on earth


I look at everything that others did to me did not look at much of how I treated others


I had an angry and negative way of taken a look at myself I felt I was the victim not them


My sponsor asked me just what part did you play did you look at what’s wrong in your attitude


Stop looking at how you think others did you have your list of people you have harmed


And you had better become willing to start making those amends if you want to stay sober


Well for me actually visiting or even writing the people overwhelmed me


I took my time with this face-to-face admission of those I had hurt


It had been embarrassing enough when I had admitted these things my sponsor


And now he wants me to go to all these people and really make that amend


WOW that at first sucked but sure glad I finally started the amends was not so bad after all


People accepted my amends and most forgave me for the wrongs


What a relief now that it’s all out in the open and God did watch over me thru it all


I even made amends to myself thru forgiveness of self


Thanks for being here for me God bless

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