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Fear is what kept me from picking up another drink in the beginning of recovery


I don't believe fear is a lack of faith some fears are very healthy and should be felt


Faith is the tool we pick up in order to recognize the fear and walk on thru it


My fears of failure has been taken away when I turned everything over to God


Fears are just other feeling I have learned how to deal with working the steps


Acceptance tells me how to change my behaviors and attitudes about things


After all nothing is perfect and I sure do have my moments that suck


And I feel I have failed myself or someone else close to me


But I do not have to dwell in fears and if it is something I can't change


Then I ask for the serenity to accept what God has given me today


After all He still has the big picture of what my life is all about not me


We all have tragic things happening in our lives at times


We have the right to feel the sadness but we also need to move on with our lives


Walking thru the fears without picking up that drink or substitute again


AA did not promise me a perfect world but it did give me a chest full of tools


To deal with anything that may come my way living life on life’s terms


What I want in life would be a perfect world where there is no pain or suffering


But I am human and know that others will always be doing things


That do not fit into my plans Fear can stop me in my tracks


If I continue with the kicking and screaming I need to accept


The things I can't change today with the serenity God has bless me with


God has given me choices today I choose to do His will


And not let fear cause me to fail in anything I try


I was told early on in the program you can never fail in life till you stop trying


So I just keep my faith in God and do the next right thing when times are hard


God has not given me more than I can handle so today I have succeeded


Because I did not fine it necessary to pick up a drink


Today and I still have my life free from the active disease of alcoholism


Thanks for being here for me God bless you all




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