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Who I see here I leave here but what is said here

I take what best helps me and leave the rest


I do not worry about my anonymity in recovery when I got to the doors of AA


My first meeting 8 to 10 people in front row got up and said Hi Al


We knew you would find us well anonymity was shot down right then for me


Even before I knew how important it was to the survival of AA as a whole today


My anonymity is important and I would get upset if others told people I was in AA


Only because they do not have the right to break my anonymity only I can do that


And only if it’s going to help another person one on one


As far as the press, radio, films, and television well I pass on them


The traditions are my guide to who and when I tell anyone I am a member of AA


Today most people I know are in the fellowship and many have called me


To ask if they can give my phone number to someone in need


Well to this day I have never said No but I do appreciate that phone call first


I try not to break anyone’s anonymity we are not all so fortunate


To not have to worry about employers or co-workers finding out about our recovery


Some still put a stigma on the alcoholics and treat them differently


Than we in recovery treat them some just don't need to know


Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions


Reminding us to place principles before personalities


God gave us a great program and I follow His direction in all my AA service work


We are exposed to outside influences working in the communities we serve


And it’s hard to serve if your not willing to let people know who you are


The payment for the anonymity break at service levels is carrying the message


To the hospitals and instructions and professionals who need our help


Most are clueless as to how this program works we need to show them we can help


Doctor’s, lawyer’s, judge’s, probation officers, police depts. Etc all need our contacts


 We are responsible to see that they understand what our program is all about


 So please reach out and help the still sick and suffering alcoholic


God Bless each of you as He has me


Page written and Designed by AL__LT 30

  All E-mail Addresses are held in Strict Confidence