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Carrying the message


Carrying the message for me was a commitment to AA and a must for me

 Knowing I can't do it alone


We all can bring enthusiasm to our meetings and give back

Some basic principles to the fellowship


Along with new hope to the still sick and suffering Alcoholics

 Who come to any of our meetings?


As a members of AA and members of a district and a group

Its up to us all to see that our group holds business meetings


Gives us the information as to how our group works


What the financial status of our group is


What our group’s conscience is


What our group hopes to accomplish and how we are going to accomplish things


Where we can voice our opinions and be heard everyone has the right to be heard


It is vitally important for us to express our opinions no group or individual member


Of Alcoholics Anonymous should ever deny you the right to be heard on recovery


I want to hear everyone's views on A.A. and how to carry the message

Of recovery to all


When I declare myself a member of AA I also have accepted


The responsibility of carrying the message to another alcoholic


Just as those who declared themselves members before me carried the message


Only we together can decide what message we want to carry


What commitments our group needs to fill


And how we want these commitments filled


Get involved fill our service positions at all levels of service


With love to you ALL thanks God bless all







Page written and Designed by AL__LT 30

 All E-mail Addresses are held in Strict Confidence