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      I remember when you finally came up to my door hopelessly lost in your disease, absolutely powerless no life left to manage, no future to be found. That's when I picked you up and carried you inside. I told you I loved you and I helped you get well.

      That was the beginning of our friendship, when you came to me, as you accepted my unconditional love, you found I wanted nothing in return, It didn't matter who you were, or what you had become. I love you for who you would become. I knew you would seek my help, guidance, and love.

      Now our friendship started to grow. You began to love and trust in me. You are growing in a way you never knew was possible. You finally came to believe in a power greater than yourself that could restore you to sanity. I must now warn you some people who are in recovery are not what they appear to be, they will tell you what you must do, how and when to think, they will say they love you, but will want something from you. Because there love has conditions upon it, requiring you to give something in return. My love for you is unconditional, I knew when you accept my love, your cup would run over with love, and flow like a stream, to help others like yourself to recover from the disease.

       Our friendship is now complete, with absolute trust and honesty in each other, I will always be there for anyone who asks for my help. I will provide you with all your needs, most people ask me in the morning for my love an guidance, when they accept my love and guidance they thank me at night. I love you all no matter what happens, or what direction you take this day.

      I will always love and forgive anyone who asks this of me, your all my children, I will always love you, even when you walk away from my light, back into your past to feel more despair, pain and loneliness. Please suffer no more, follow my light, back to my home here on earth. My will is for peace and happiness here, as it is in my Heavenly Home.

      This is what Our Father might have said to us in our hopelessness and despair. God as we understand Him. Always unconditional love and forgiveness comes to those who come in to him.


11-27-97                             written by LT                     design by LT