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A beer, whiskey, booze
A drink by any other name; 
Cocktail, to preserve my dignity;
Deepening guilt, fear, and anxiety;
My energy flags. Choice is gone. 
Want ! I don't want! I need! 
A drink to live my dream of..Someday.
Hope, so small at my first meeting.
I see others, once felling as I feel
Joy? Is that joy in their eyes?
Knowing and fearing and wanting and fearing;
Longing to be among, not just with, them.
Many hours and days not knowing how;
Just following suggestions...
Oh! The first moment of calm acceptance!
Peace, at last peace in my heart.
Just once, then often.
Quiet reflection replaces frantic searching.
Spiritual progress defeats self-loathing.
Time, time - it takes time.. Until
It is part of me. This new Life; serene; sober.
Pat McK.  9/13/96                     Page Designed by LT 25