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Abstinence is your responsibility -
not your family, friends, employer, co-workers, etc....

Have a program, follow it and be patient.
Avoid people, places and things associated with 
drinking and drugging.

Expect some emotional & physical ups and downs.
You are adjusting to a new life without chemicals.

Be good to yourself. You are worth it.
Expect to be tired. It is OK to be tired
Don't try to make up for lost time with extra effort.

There are no excuses for not working your program.
Don't expect special favors or time off 
so you can work your program.

Avoid unnecessary confrontation and leave anger to others.
Expect some - people especially former buddies - to avoid you.
They may lack understanding or you may be triggering
a personal concern or problem.

Avoid major changes in employment,
relationships and living arrangements.

Major changes can cause stress.
Don't start preaching to others.
Don't feel you have to explain everything to everybody.

Be honest but remember you have the option
and only when you are comfortable.

Questions about drinking and drugging
do not require lengthy explanations.
Just say no when invited to use.

Follow your program, pick up the phone
before a drink or drug, and say the Serenity Prayer. 
You can't get high if you don't take the first drink or drug.
Think before you speak or act.
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