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Resentments are always sitting there on my shoulder waiting to pounce on me if I keep them. Forgiveness is an act from my heart to help me heal all my pain and hurt feelings, when I forgive I refuse to be damaged by the wrong doings of others in my life.


To not forgive is resentment and I am the victim of this because the victim is always the one who carries the resentment, the ones who I resent usually doesn't know and doesn't care about my feelings unless I tell then in a fit of rage.


To hang on to my resentment is to poison my heart and turn me bitter towards everyone, this poison can steal all the joy out of my life I could have if only I practice forgiveness.


Because of resentments in my life I victimized myself while others went their merry way. Takes time to learn how to forgive others when the anger, fear, and hurt is so bad, but forgiveness is what I needed to move on with my life to let go of my pain.


Resentments always take away from me they never give me peace or contentment, they keep me in a past that can never be changed, repaired, or re-lived. They will keep me in my mind to be mugged every time I go there alone.


Resentment will always keep me from appreciating the beauty of my life, they stop me from hearing the loving voices of my new friends and family, my freedom came when I decide to forgive others, as well as myself, for mistakes real or imagined that were done to me.


To start trusting in God's will for me today and try to carry this out, I had to make a decision to learn how to forgive, with practice this came to be second nature to me, it was a choice not to resent others, This freed my mind and heart for the real work God knew I could and would do.


My life can still go unfulfilled if I let resentments consume my emotions, I have a program of recovery that helped me develop a forgiving heart, to find the peace and joy that are part of God's will for me.


When I came to understand that a forgiving heart is a peaceful heart, and I always have the choice to be closed minded about everything that comes up, or I can choose to be honest kind loving and live with some serenity, knowing I also could be wrong, Peace and serenity is my goal, free from all resentments for this day


To not forgive whatever the offense is will put a dark shade on God's light, when I harbor ill feelings toward others, I become stuck in the darkness, I get feelings that won't let me experience growth peace and wellbeing.


Today I express my love through forgiveness, I feel God's love in return, the people I have turn away from because their behavior has offended me, have taught me lessons that are important in my own recovery, not to be like them and their ways of expressing themselves.


Their efforts to get attention are usually a cry for love and acceptance, their fears keep them at a distance to the real help they are seeking, this has given me an opportunity to learn tolerance, patience, and forgiveness. Until I could learn love and have acceptance for everyone in my life, I wasn't able to freely love and accept anyone else in my life, Forgiveness of others and myself is a gift to me from God, what I do with it is my gift back to God.