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Spiritual Experience


For me spirituality is knowing God is there for me and I have been awakened to this


Spiritual awakening is simply the knowledge that there is a power greater than myself


It’s that awareness that some form of a higher power is now working in my life


When I started my journey into recovery I had no real belief system of any kind


Nor did I want to pray to any type of God after all I had control of my life


Only thing I needed to do was stop drinking and move on with my life again


But I needed more I could see this in all the people I met in the halls when I got here


They just had something that I so desperately wanted a peace and happiness about them


The Spiritual experiences are a lot different than a spiritual awakening


Very few in recovery have that white light spiritual experience that Bill had


Well the time did come that no power on earth was going to keep me from drinking


I became as desperate as a dying man could become I admitted my powerlessness


I started to honesty pray to this God of your understanding six months into my recovery


I finally ask this God with all the honesty and humility I could muster up


I ask Him to remove the desire to drink and all the things driving my life be taken away


Well I had this spiritual experience that night lying on my mothers hide a bed


I awaken by the feeling of being bitten by rat like things and was scared out of my mind


This is what God was doing that night after I woke tossing these things off me


I went into a deep sleep it lasted 36 hours mom look at me and check to see if I was alive


I awoke with this fantastic sense of Well being I call absolute total serenity


This was the most wonderful thing I have ever felt in my entire life


It felt like He picked me up and held me in His arms comforting me with His pure love

This was a feeling of absolute total serenity it did not last long but enough to change me


Nothing on earth could ever match what I was given on this night so long ago


And total humility and honesty brought this fantastic change about


From that day on I had a wonderful relationship with the God of my understanding


I truly accept Gods will for me and I also thank Him each day for the strength to carry out His will


Gods blessing to Sandy and I are far to many to even begin to tell


Spirituality is not necessarily religion it is the yearning of the heart toward God


God and AA sure gave me this life of peace love and serenity


And He will for you if you ask Him God loves us all 



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