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I went on board the Fellowship

Just to take a look around

I heard some noise coming from below

So I moseyed right on down.

Then I heard a voice coming from a room

So l went into check it out,

There was someone standing there

So I asked, "What's this all about?"

He said, "This is our crew,

We're getting ready to sail

Would you like to go on the journey?"

I said, "Sure, why not?

I've got nothing to lose"

So I went-out of curiosity.

The Fellowship was heading out to sea,

We were sailing away from land

Then a crew member came over to me

With a smile and extended his hand.

He said, "Hello, mate, welcome aboard.

This life preserver is for you.

It is here to serve a purpose.

Try not to forget that, whatever you do."

I sat right down and tried to relax

So I could listen to what was being said.

I liked what I heard, so I said to myself,

"I've got to absorb this in my head."

We were sailing along on the Fellowship

And things were peaceful and calm.

Then a fellow mate sitting next to me

Nudged me on the arm.

He said, "Did you hear what that mate said?

He said that he almost drowned.

If it weren't for the Fellowship,

He would no longer be around."

I thought to myself about what he said.

At first it didn't make any sense,

But the more I listened it occurred to me

That in the beginning, I was quite dense.

I mentioned to a mate in front of me

That I wanted to take a note

I asked her, "Why are you all gathered here?"

She said, "Because we're all in the same boat."

A fellow said, "It's time for a break,

Have a coffee if you'd like.

If you want you may go on deck,

And take a look at a beautiful sight."

As some of the crew members were going ahead,

I thought I'd find the deck on my own.

Before I knew "what happened to me,

I found myself lost, and all alone.

I started to worry and was getting scared,

I didn't know what to do.

Then these thoughts came to me,

"I should have followed the crew."

I heard something move close by,

So I went to take a look

There was someone sitting there,

Reading a Big Book.

I walked over and asked this question,

"How do I get on deck?"

He looked above my head and said,

"Why, mate, just take the Steps."

I got on deck and noticed the crew

Looking out to sea.'

I asked, "What are you looking at?"

They said, "Join us and you'll see."

There were seven ships heading our way,

It was a beautiful sight to see.

I thought to myself, "I'm glad I came,

This is a real neat place to be"

As they were passing side by side,

I noticed names written on the hulls.

There was the Membership, the Sponsorship,

And the Friendship as well.

the Relationship, the Partnership,

And the Companionship sailed on by

Then I noticed one more falling behind,

Out of the corner of my eye

So I took a better look at it

It seemed to barely be afloat.

Then I asked a mate next to me,

"What's the name of that big boat?"

He looked at me, and said with sympathy,

As he held the rail with a tight grip,

"That one, mate, off in a distance,

Why, that's called the - Hardship."

The break was over so we went below.

Then a mate got up and said,

"If it weren't for God and all of you,

I would most likely - be dead."

After he sat down on his life preserver,

Another mate got up and said,

Would you all care to join me?"

I shrugged my shoulders and nodded my head.

When the crew was through,

I asked a mate next to me

A question that was on my mind.

She answered with a smile,

And said to me,

"That's what is called - the Lifeline."

As I was following the crew up above,

I got this feeling deep inside,

I know' it has something to do with love.

It felt so good that I almost cried.

The Fellowship was heading back to land,

Everything seemed peaceful and serene.

Then a mate called out, "Land ho," and said,

"Take a look at a beautiful scene."

I looked toward shore and liked what I saw',

I thought to myself, "This is really keen."

Then a mate standing next to me said,

"Look, it's so serene and clean."

She turned around and gave me a hug,

And said, "This is where it's at,

We'll be going out again tomorrow, my friend,

So please, keep coming back?"

Now I asked a mate one more question,

This is the question that I gave her:

"Who is in charge of this all?"

She said, "Why, mate, it's the Life Saver."

Permission to add to web site by Joe M

a Friend in recovery