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If I'm walking down a road, and along comes an ice-cream truck, and it hits me,

as I'm trying to get, up along comes a tow truck, and it also hits me,

once again I try to get up and get out of harms way,

along comes a beer truck and for the third time in a row I get hit,

I'm I really going to care which truck did the most damage when it hit me

or am I going to be most thankful for the person who finally reached out to help me.
I don't really thing the big issue is if a truck, is a truck, is a truck,

but as to wither or not someone is going to be there to help when the time comes

that we need that help I know that God did not save me so I could turn my back

on another Alcoholic who just happen to also be addicted to other drugs.

So I guess that sometimes a truck is a truck, is just a truck.