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I needed the willingness to change but was real hard thing to do when I first got to AA


Surrender with out any reservation took forever to find I needed total accept and surrender


The biggest danger of reservations is I cannot go to any length to stay sober


Going to any lengths is a question of is I willing to change thru the steps


I wanted everybody and everything else to change so my life could be perfect


Quickly found out it doesn't work that way I had to go to any lengths to find a way out


And this had to be without any reservations of my doing it my own way


I needed willingness to change me and my attitudes not everyone else and their attitudes


All I had to do is become willing to change most of the ways I was thinking and start to listen


They told me life is very simple not easy but simple and what we give we get back


I learned I was responsible for every experience in my life the good and the worst


Every thing I do today is creating a new future for me free from the disease


My experiences show in the way I think and the beliefs I hold dear to me


What I choose to believe in today can expand and enrich my world


Each day is exciting joyous free and a hopeful experience of just living life


Living in the same world with the same set of circumstances


I experience life differently today when I became willing to change my attitudes


And accept God into my life changes were God never judges or criticizes me


He accepted me, as I knew I would change my life


But that would not happen till I was willing to let go of all my old behaviors


Today I try very hard to keep a positive attitude and try not to dwell the negative


I just try to stay in today trying my best to do Gods will for me today


God bless each of you