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Tradition One: Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon AA unity.



1. Am I in my group a healing, mending, integrating person, or am I divisive? What about gossip and taking other members inventories?


Well now for the most part I pray I am a healing and mending person in the groups I attend fellowship begins with one hand reaching out to help another I have been to many group conscience meetings and have shared my experiences about a subject and when it came to a vote I was in the minority but that’s what its all about what the group feels is the best


2. Am I a peacemaker? Or do I, with pious preludes such as "just for the sake of discussion," plunge into arguments.


This question gave me a lot of thought after all who does not have these moments of time that we just love to indulge in the pious just for the sake of an argument. Dangerous to do when people are new and are just so willing to argue with you it takes patience’s to let them ramble on this is where the peacemakers will step in to help defuse a situation yes I have been a peacemaker in many meetings when they go off the wall


3. Am I gentle with those who rub me the wrong way, or am I abrasive.


Depends on who is doing the rubbing at times you need to be abrasive to a real trouble maker whether they are new or have long term sobriety. Many people just come into the halls to disrupt the meeting like they need to be the center of attraction those who are new and do not know how the meeting are run need direction not reprimand kind and gentle is the way to help these people


4. Do I make competitive remarks, such a comparing one group with another or contrasting AA in one place with AA in another?


I think we all do this to some extent its like when we first get into the program we are told to identify not compare when we travel to different parts of the country we do compare the meeting to the ones we are used to this is normal and as we sit in these new meetings although the format is different to what we are used to we find the content is the same as any other meeting place people sharing their experiences strengths and hopes


5. Do I put down some AA activities as if I were superior for not participating in this or that aspect of AA?

For me being in service work I found all AA activities are a benefit to the groups and to AA as a whole do I attend all the events that are put on No but this does not mean I am superior to the next person AA has many active members doing great things for AA and my support will always be they if it is not hurting AA or any of the groups 


6. Am I informed about AA as a whole? Do I support, in every way I can AA as a whole or just the parts I understand and approve of?

I am very much attuned to the whole program and at time in some ways I do not totally agree with all the traditions when they are taken out of context but I also know that with out the traditions we would all be lost in total confusion I try to keep up with the changes that have happen over the years in the AA way of life knowing more is revealed to us every day


7. Am I as considerate of AA members as I want them to be of me?


The very intent of the twelve step is to reach out and help others who suffer from our disease part of that reaching out is to be considerate of the needs of others and yes I try to be open and honest with all who I may come in contact with I have found a little compassion a lot of unconditional love and understanding for others is the same as I would want them to be to me


8. Do I spout platitudes about love while indulging in and secretly justifying behavior that bristles with hostility?

I practice the unconditional love that I try to give to all in recovery even when some rub me the wrong way I hold no animosity towards anyone in or out of the program its not my place to judge others or condemn their behavior this does not mean I always approve of some behaviors but I try just to state my personal feelings about how I would handle situations


9. Do I go to enough AA meetings or read enough AA literature to really keep in touch?


Today I do not get to as many face to face meetings as I would like to but yes I do keep up with AA literature and reach out when I can health is not as good as I would like it to be so its hard to go to a lot of face to face meetings thank God we have online meetings they help keep me focused on my recovery


10. Do I share with AA all of me, the bad and the good, accepting as well as giving the help of fellowship?

Sharing my own experiences all of them helps to keep me right sized the very essence of this fellowship is to show others thru my own example how to stay sober today I need the help of other Justas much as I did the day I came into the halls after all it is a we program that means given to others as well as taken suggestions from others.


The checklist is a reprint from June 1970 Grapevine






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