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"Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon A.A. Unity." 

Unity begins within us and our Higher Power When one is following the guidance and will of a Higher Power balance is achieved and then the ability to participate in a healthy life style is greatly improved unity is best served by the individual’s unity with a Higher Power


All for one and one for all the greatest good for the greatest number is our goal. This applies in any group (two or more people). The unity of the group has to come first otherwise we find ourselves pulling in different directions.


Working together depends upon the harmonious cooperation of the group listening to the ideas feelings and opinions of each other with an open mind and being willing to accept what the majority not that our way be the only one


In a group each member has the responsibility to be open and honest in the expressing of their ideas and feelings. This also means that all members of the group are willing to share in the day-to-day duties and responsibilities of the group only then will the unity will prevail.


Communication is a most vital the strength of the group comes from recognition and understanding of our mutual needs and when we discuss them openly, we help each other. Sometimes one has to agree with what is best for the group as a whole


A free and tolerant exchange of views is something that requires a persistent practice of the 12 Steps in all our affairs and especially within the many groups


Unity keeps the groups together dissension or controversy hurts the unity and thus hurts the group as a whole. Quantity of program is not as important as quality of program. No one is an all-wise authority on everything. All have a purpose and a part to play in the group as a whole



We have groups in the first place because we believe "WE IS BETTER THAN ME." Please note this denotes that we are no longer alone in our search for sobriety even though we are together we must retain our individuality


Each person enhances the fellowship each can stand-alone and is independent of the other but we prefer to stand together as a unit we believe that two are better than one for a group in this fellowship to work


Each has to pull their own load in order to maintain any kind of unity we are joined by a mutual desire to stay sober and help others achieve sobriety the life the fellowship will depend upon the unity within the fellowship.


Remember, together we stand - divided we fall. We must maintain unity to survive.










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