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Tradition Five

"Each group has but one primary purpose - to carry it's message to the alcoholic who still suffers."


Tradition five is the one tradition that is the most misquoted of them all Singleness of purpose does not mean we abandon the dual addicted people or that we try to hold their experiences to alcohol only


Remember when most of us got here, we didn't know what was really wrong with us, it was only by sharing all of our stories, with others, that we were able to receive help in our recovery.


Bill W. said Many AA, s had the almost comical notion that they were pure alcoholics-guzzlers only, no other serious problems at all, when alcoholic ex-cons and drug users first turned up there was much pious indignation. We built a fine-mesh fence right around A.A.


" What will people think? "Chanted the pure alcoholic. Happily this foolishness has long since past..." (Or has it?) Does the misunderstanding of singleness of purpose


Stand in the way of dual addicted people getting help even today? Are they treated less than not as good as others? Told what they can talk about told to share just the part of their experiences relating to alcohol


The issue of singleness of purpose, in this ever-changing world, could very well destroy us as a viable part of today's society in the treatment of our disease. Lets stick to our primary purpose, which is to reach out to help anyone affected with our disease


Accepting change is the principle we use to stay sober. It's time we all unite so we can all recover and help those who come after us. Going into the twenty first century it is absurd to think we are any better than the average addict of that other kind


Do people who don't have a problem with alcohol belong in A.A. probably not but they are welcome to attend our open meeting, besides that we probably would not find a great many who are not dual addicted in these times


Step six said if we would gain any real advantage in the use of this Step on problems other than alcohol we shall need to make a brand new venture into open-mindedness. Yes we do work on problems other than alcohol our character defects and shortcomings are some


The fellowship must give these people the same kind of unconditional love, forgiveness, understanding and most importantly tolerance, the same things we received, when we arrived at the doors of this God given fellowship.


Tradition one states "this we owe to A.A's future: To place our common welfare first; to keep our fellowship united, for upon A.A. unity depend our lives, and the lives of all those who will come after us"


Tradition two states "The "ultimate authority" is the spiritual concept of the "group conscience" It’s voice is heard when a well-informed group gathers to arrive at a group decision.


 The presence a newcomers feel in the rooms is the same as the group conscience it was real when they welcomed us in setting absolutely no barriers rules or conditions" this should hold true today, let's let everyone know it does.


Tradition three shows us that we've thrown away all membership rules and regulations that might keep you out. We want you to have the same chance for sobriety that we had been given when we got to the halls 


"We aren't a bit afraid you'll harm us, never mind how twisted or violent you my be" we have decided to be " inclusive.... never exclusive" powerful word  “INCLUSIVE” it means we turn nobody away from their chance for recovery


 We are alive because the road to A.A. stayed open to us. How will the newcomer ever know? If they can't share their experiences at meetings, like we were able to share give them a chance help them to heal the past and work on the future.


" Tradition five reminds us that " Groups should remember their "one primary purpose" No matter how different our own personal concerns, we are all bound together by one common responsibility, to carry the message to the suffering alcoholic" even if he is dual addicted the message is the same.


DR Bob said the four absolutes were the only yardsticks we had in the early days, before the steps. I think the absolutes still hold good and can be extremely helpful today


Almost always, if we measure our decision carefully by the yardstick of absolute honesty, absolute unselfishness, absolute purity, and absolute love, then the answer can't be very far out of the way









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