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"Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character."


I just did not want to take a very good look at my most glaring character defects


Because it was I did not think I had any but when I look back mine were very defective ones


Well when I lost all and surrendered that’s when I started to look at my character defects


Had a lot of work in that department walking thru all the wrong choices I made in my life


Sifting thru all the lies I told to myself and everyone else I even believed the lies myself


I hurt a lot of people with my big mouth and excusing it with saying you know I was just kidding


I had lots of work but did not need to go there alone steps guided me thru the hardest times


Helping me to make rational choices today showing me that life is not what Al can get out of it


I got real angry with people because of my short comings anger was the biggest of them


How I treated people was not very good if I was to remain sober I had to became teachable


At long last I started to look at Al's faults and how I could change them drop the Ego


I needed a lot of help in changing my life thru making amends and feeling the hurt I caused


And asking for the forgiveness that I needed from those I did hurt did not always get it


But did clean up my side of the street because all I can do is trying when I have the opportunity


My HP was all loving and forgiven and with his help I could learn how to forgive others


I also learned how to forgive myself for harms done and let go of the shame I had when drinking


I had some great expectations for myself when I was out there drinking but all false expectations


Only these things Al wanted I still get emotional over the torment and fears of looking at my past


Well I did become entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character from me


Today my Ideals are not so great that I will fall short of them my expectations for today


Are of a God Centered life for my family and myself and AA is part of my family in recovery


Together we can do anything with God watching over us we live in harmony today


Now it’s what Al can put into life I choose to live free from booze also from the hurt and pain


The program is of unselfishness love forgiveness of others as well as forgiveness of self


Every morning I choose how I want to live today my way or Gods way


Choice is very simple today I want to tune my will into what Gods plans are for me




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