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"Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs."


Well I learned about the God of your understanding and now my God in first three steps


For me step four and five just go together when I had to walking thru the rubble of my past


I found many things wrong with how I chose to live my life had many defects of character


I started to become fearful wondering how anyone could accept me knowing what I had done


Growing up with the booze as a crutch all the lying and steeling I did all the anger and rage  


Feeling less than never good enough to really let anyone know me how could they accept me


I got thru that fourth step with a sponsor he told me your already half way thru you fifth step


We went thru most of your fourth step together now you have most things written down


And God has been looking over your shoulder when you started this journey into recovery


So lets now go over every thing about you and see how your attitude has already change


How you have accepted your powerlessness and became willing to go to any lengths


And now are willing to change your life around accepting and doing Gods will for you


Well needless to say that fourth step working thru the fears with God and my sponsor


Was indeed the beginning for the fifth step to tell myself God and another human being?


The exact nature of MY wrongs and I then became willing to make amends to everyone


Doing these steps together gave me complete relief for the feelings of hopelessness I had


Yes true freedom from bondage of myself thanks to God my sponsor and the 12 steps


God has given me every thing I will ever need to life a happy useful alcohol free life


God blessed us all with the tools of recovery all we have to do is use them in our daily lives


Today I try to live by the 11th step prayer


God bless you all

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