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"Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions."


1. Honestly How, do I do all I can to help AA (my group, my central office, my GSO) remain self-supporting?


By placing that dollar or two in the collection my group keeps a prudent reserve and then passes on

All the extra monies to the district the inter group the area and GSO on a quarterly donation


Could I put a little more into the basket on behalf of the new guy who can't afford it yet?


Today I cannot give as much but I can offer my services such as being secretary treasurer

Chairperson I can go out on commitments for my group carrying the message to others

Can offer to become a General Service Representatives


As far as AA on the whole I could serve as the District Committee Member for my District

Serve on committees to plan the many functions we have in our area like assemblies conventions

Secretary or treasurer leading committees for the area or anyone of the many more Jobs to be filled by volunteers


How generous was I when tanked in a barroom?


When I had it I spent it foolishly on trying to make myself important in the eyes of my peers I had to make a lasting impression on everyone my ego just would not let me be anything else by the big shot


2. Should the Grapevine sell advertising space to book publishers and drug companies, so it could

Make a big profit and become a bigger magazine, in full color, at a cheaper price per copy?


To do so would make is dependent on those who would buy the advertising space and we then

Would no longer be self-supporting and would hurt the basic concept of the program this would put us a very compromising position given control to others


3. If GSO runs short on funds some year, wouldn't be okay to let the government subsidize AA groups in hospitals and prisons?


Again anything that is subsidized always comes with given control to others in this case not only the government but also to the hospitals and prisons losing or primary purpose of carrying the message do so would not help AA or the people who need this anonymous program


4. Is it more important to get a big AA collection from a few people, or a smaller collection in which

More members participate?


The individual member of AA is the most single support we have given of our time and money insures we all have a part in the whole picture of AA and the ultimate voice in AA affairs besides that AA does limit the amount people can donate to the fellowship


5. Is a groupís treasurer's report unimportant AA business?


The treasurer is the one who makes sure bills are paid and if thereís no report given and expenses to be paid voted on we could lose or meeting hall it is also the duty of the treasurer to let the group know when its spending group monies not with in the traditions


How does the treasurer feel about it?


As a treasure of my group I felt it was my duty to provide my group the information on spending so

They could as a group decides where the monies are going many people thing that having dances and anniversary parties would be proper to pay for with group funds again against traditions


6. How important in my recovery is the feeling of self-respect, rather than the feeling of being always

Under obligation for charity received.


In my 32 years in aa I have never felt like I was receiving charity rather I felt I was given the best gift in the world a loving God of my understanding who gave me the wonderful gift of sobriety, recovery and fellowship this can never have a price on it for it is priceless



More foods For Thought the answers to these Questions are in Tradition seven


Why was this tradition so hard for AA to accept?


†††††††††† In the beginning it was a conflict as to just how was the money going to be used a lot wanted to start up hospitals treatment centers club houses etc have our on doctors and nurses who could understand the alcoholic


What did the founders mean by collective poverty?


After seeing all the problems that would come from all these enterprises and how involved everyone would be they decided it would be best to not have money the less amount of money in the treasury or we might loss the intent of the 12 steps


Was it initially a matter of necessity is it today?


When Bill saw all the mail and questions coming into the foundation, as it was called, then it became apparent more help would be need to answer all the mail the service office idea was formed then and the need to hire works apparent


Was the fear of exploitation a healthy fear and is it still a fear today?


There was so much fear about how to do the work and who should be paid why couldnít they find outside help to finance the foundation all fears that turned out to be very healthy for us all. Today we have the fears of having to much excess money and would we become greedy and use it for self-centered purposes


Why was it necessary to separating the spiritual from the material things?


Simply put our fellowships ultimate authority is a loving God of our understanding and no amount of money could ever buy His grace so spiritually was the one gift we keep on given back in love not money


Was it a wise decision to subsist on A.A. voluntary contributions only?


For me it was Godís intervention to keep us humble and stead fast to carry out our primary purpose not get messed up in matters of money and grandiose after all who among us would not want to get rich of the misery of others


Was it safe to place the responsibility of supporting A.A. directly upon A.A. members?


It was the only way we could be self-supporting after all we are AA each and every individual member who declares themselves as a member is the person who thru the group conscience tells AA where to spend the collective money of the program and their individual group


Why did we only keep the bare running expenses plus a prudent reserve?


We need to only concern ourselves with paying the group expenses on a monthly basis the excess money goes to the District Inter-group area and the general service office and prudent reserve usually three months operation expenses is keep to be sure to meet the monthly services of the group in slow periods


Is your group keeping with this tradition of bare expenses and a prudent reserve?


This is a good question to ask at your next group business meeting like what are the groupís expenses and where do we use the money collected I can only speak for my group but anything over or prudent reserve is passed on the inter-group district the area and then to GSO


© The checklist is a reprint from June 1970 Grapevine






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