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Step Seven "Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings."





1. What is humility?


Humility for me is the understanding God is now in charge of my life everything I have is from Him before I found Alcoholics Anonymous I humiliated myself almost daily my ego was like the good year blimp Today I have some degree of true humility by being humble before God and my peers I have had enough humiliation in all the things I did before I found hope in Alcoholics Anonymous



2. What can it mean to us?


Humility is a thing I need to practice in my living some times this mean I have to accept criticism I also need to accept the praise of others when they express themselves with gratitude humility helps me accept this as part of recovery and I do not let my pride or ego take over I am recovering through the love and guidance of my Higher Power God



3. Is Step Seven a necessary aid to our survival?


Today thru humility I have to accept my very real and human limitations humility is truth a humble attitude is simply one that recognizes where our power ends and God's begins its letting go of the false and looking at Gods daily plan for me I don't need to get my own way today nice when I do but humility says its OK either way


4. What is the real value of letting go of our egos?


I try to keep in mind that I am what I am and where all my hope has come from Alcoholics Anonymous if I forget these basics and rely on my ego I will grow a lot closer to despair. I was afraid to show any kind of weakness I thought I was indestructible I could control everything people places and things all under my control well not very humble attitude and I needed to change that in order to get out of my survival mode and learn how to live in Godís world


5. How is failure and misery transformed by humility?


I was programmed to fail my thoughts and actions were always selfish and self centered this led to constant failure to life my life the way I thought it should be lived only to send me into the pit pot of misery because I did not know real right from wrong finding true humility threw accepting God into my live sure did transform my attitudes and behaviors into attuning my life to Godís will not my own will I stopped surviving and began to learn how to live


6. How do we gain strength from our weaknesses?


By looking at all our character defects and our shortcomings threw the eyes of another person we learn what we had become and where we needed changes in our attitude doing this lessens the fears and resentments built up over the years of doing it my own way I needed to look at faults to grow in strength searching out Godís will for me and trying to become a better person


7. Is pain the real admission price for this new life?


How many time have I heard in the halls ďNo pain no gainĒ yes the pain of walking threw my past changing my behaviors and attitudes toward my fellow human beings was the price I had to pay to find this new way of life I had to know the pain to change what was causing the pain accepting my shortcomings in all the parts I played In causing the pain small price for what I have been given in return a life filled with love and understanding of myself and others


8. Is Self-centered fear the chief activator of all our defects?


This step shows me that self-centered fear of change is the chief activators of all my defects of character and or shortcomings that fear of lose something I had being taken away because I was losing control of the situation and failing to get something I demanded. I did let fear of the unknown to be a frustration and some times resentment towards people places and things in my life


9. Is Step Seven a change in attitude that permits us to move out of ourselves toward God?


††††††††††† The Seventh Step sure is where I made the change in my attitude gave me the humility to move out from myself toward God. Step Seven showed me how with this new found humility I could removal my character defects and shortcomings my powerlessness over alcohol I truly believed that my God could restore me to sanity and give me the hope of the same result respecting any other problem I could ever have in life







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