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Tradition Eight


Twelfth Step works should always be nonprofessional, but our service centers may employ special workers.


There is a saying in the 12 step groups In order to keep it you must give it away The 12th Step says Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these Steps we tried to carry this message to others and to practice these principles in all our affairs


The 8th Tradition insures that anytime a newcomer reaches out for help in AA he will receive it free of charge. members freely share their own experience strength and hope with the newcomer to help themselves in their own recovery in the process of Giving it away in order to keep it


Step seven says we are self supporting through our own contributions  and tradition 8 states that contributions can be used to employ special workers for literature for group conscience process from group to district from district to area from area delegate to GSO from GSO to AA worldwide


Today in modern society carrying the message is not only accomplished face to face or by telephone but online today technology does not hinder carrying the message to the alcoholic that still suffers

it helps it


The 8th Tradition is so very simple but greed no matter how you try to see it  is still greed I know today that nothing good comes from a negative action except a negative reaction and to be paid for our services by holding work shops to make a profit to an individual is not in AA s best intrest


 But paying someone for their services outside of twelfth-step work does not compromise AA's message  it just gets other jobs done so the recovering alcoholic has the freedom to be there and reach out and help another alcoholic have the literature to give have meeting list printed etc.


those who work in service for us are worthy of their hire this very important Tradition is the very rock on which the freely given program of AA is built someone has to answer the phone while the rest of us get on with our regained lives


 AA is not therapy when a professional in the alcoholism field even one who is in the fellowship does real therapy with a person who has not yet attended AA or hasn't completely dropped the rock of denial this is NOT paid 12th step work its paid professional work


It is all right  for that AA member who is also a therapist to encourage attendance at AA or to discuss sobriety progress within the framework of the steps with the alcoholic within therapeutic sessions


Some self righteous self appointed AA tradition police had to be reminded by an old-timer of a few of the choice words of Bill W in Warranty five contained in Concept XII. There are not supposed to be any official or unofficial tradition vigilantes in AA.


Of course what the full context of this tradition is saying is that AA itself, as an organization doesn't hire any paid counselors to go out and do OUR usual twelfth step work AA says that we have to be friendly with our friends in the treatment community, even those who don't completely agree with our methods







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