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Without accepting the things I cannot change with peace and serenity

I will find that I have not let go of some fears I still have

So  I need the courage to change all the things in my life

Things that are not acceptable to me or to God my higher power 

AA and the 12 steps  gave me a new insight into my new found God

I could use Him to help my overcome my past and to move forward

Into a safe and happy life free from the grip of alcohol or any other substitute

Through the years God has given me that wisdom to know the difference

Even though I still have fears of things  I do know God will see me through them

All I need to do is let Him show me the way to replace all the fears with faith in Him

I do this by sharing what I feel with others in recovery many things in life today bother me

Mostly medical things fear and anxiety play a big roll in my life even today

I need the help of all those beautiful friends I have made in the halls just like you

Talking things out removes the doubt that I have about things going on in my life

And if it were not for AA and my God I would not know how to accept these things

And would not be able to overcome all the fears I have in life

Knowing none of us knows when our time here on earth is up

Getting older I some times wonder about this death stuff I know I will be with God

But I just am in no big hurry to see him up close and personal

I thank Him for the years of sobriety he has given me with this new way of life

I am trusting in Him today so acceptances is the a big part of my recovery

God will do for me what I can not do for myself

I must accept His will for me today to be happy and free to live life

Love you all God bless


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