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Saying the word I am admitting the existence of a

Consciousness or a Higher Power that is greater than I.


Saying this second word, I am admitting that this 

Consciousness or HigherPower is able to bestow

 and give to me and others. 

I am asking something for myself.

 Holy books say that if I ask sincerely, it shall be given.

 It is not wrong to ask for improving myself For when I improve

 my character, both I and people around me will be happier,

 and my relationships will have a better chance to improve.
            The Serenity		

I am asking for calmness, composure, and inner peace

in my life which will enable me to transact my ego, 

to think straight, and to govern myself properly.
     To accept		

I am resigning myself to conditions as they are right now.

I am living in the now, the present moment. 
the things

I acknowledge my tragedy, death, suffering, illness, 

and pain as a part of my life, neither good nor bad. 

I accept my humanness and fallibility. I am accepting 

my lot in life as it is. Until I have the courage to change 

any part of my life I don't like, I must accept it, 

without doing so grudgingly.
I can not change

I can't prevent these events or conditions 

from happening to me or to others.

A quality which enables me to deal with 

the problems and realities of life

without reliance on alcohol or drugs. A determination 

to stand my ground and slug it out with all issues, 

pleasant or otherwise. A strength of my spirit to face 

and handle the negative. Fearlessness in practicing faith,

humility and honesty.
to change

In facing these negatives directly and honestly, 

I am asking for myself and my life conditions to be different

for me. I am taking an active part in this changing. 
the things I can

I am asking for help to make the right decisions. 

Everything is not the way I would like it to be in my life. 

I must continue to face reality and constantly

work toward my continued growth and progress. 
and wisdom

I am asking for the ability to rise above my ego

and form sound judgments about myself and my life. 

I then use my ability to ask for guidance from

myself others and a Higher Power.
to know the difference

I want to be able to understand clearly truths of fact. 

I want to see things differently in my life so that I will  

be more aware of myself and of others. I need to sense 

my will and that of my Higher Power. I must accept my

thy will mot mine be done

I am asking that of this  Consciousness or Higher Powers will. 

To be of theirs and not that of my own to be granted as they see fit.

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