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Step Ten


"Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it."


Well like all the other steps I did not like this one either but having worked thru the others


Made this easer I had worked my way up to this clearing out all the wreckage of my past


making amends to everyone when ever and wherever possible why did I need this step ten ?


After all things were going great in my life did a lot of work accepting all my own faults


And changing things in my life I liked what I had become and saw no need to do step ten


Well I made the mistake of saying that to my sponsor fought with him kicking at every step


Wonder how I ever got any sobriety now I look back on this fighting I did with him


So he said you like what you have become do you think you now have all the answers


And you’re never going to make another mistake again that’s going to need an amend


you just make a big mistake when you made that stupid statement about step ten


And you already owe AA that amends the steps number one  thru twelve for a reason


Seems like you did straighten out most of your past but still have a lot of work to do there


And now you need to learn how to straighten out you present state of affairs


Our work on the 12 steps is never done until your laying perfectly still because then your dead


Now lets take this step and see what it can do for your anger depression hope love


Given back what was given to you. Life is full of mistakes and we need to look at our part


In every thing we do or say making sure we have not hurt anyone with our actions


The difference is step ten keeps us from doing the same thing we did in our past


God has given us the chance to make things right this day here and now as we do them


Step ten makes that a reality we do not want to return to old behavior and get lost again


Steps 10 -11-12 are the living steps of our program doing them right will keep you


From ever returning to your past God gave us the way out


And we need to use every tool He has given us


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