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Step Eleven


I found that the pray of St Francis gave me the strength to accept God into my life


For it is by self-forgetting that one finds It is by forgiving that one is forgiven


Step 11 is prayer and meditation 12 is given it back to others who need to surrender


The point of meditation to me is listening thru my heart to what Gods plans are for me today


I was told that prayer is my asking of Gods will and meditation is listening to Gods answers


The way I listen to God is thru the group of drunks at my home group and other meetings


Were people know me and are willing to help me with any situation that comes up in my life


What better way to start my day off than asking for help and meditating on the answer?


When I got to these halls I had no faith in any kind of power and I sure did not trust yours


I sat and listened to people share how they started to believe in the higher power concept


I didn’t think that was so bad the group became my higher power this work worked for a while


But I needed more so when I tried prayer asking for help to stop drinking and it worked


I still was not honest with people or myself so I started to get honest in my daily prayers


The things I prayed for I was not getting and I asked my sponsor about that


He asked me if I was listening to God's answers he told me that step 11 had two parts


You do a lot of praying but very selfish prayers that’s why God keeps saying NO


The second part of step 11 is the meditation where you sit quietly and listen with your heart


To what God is saying to you and He does this thru other people in this fellowship


Look at what you’re asking for in the morning when you’re honest with your questions to God


He will give you the true answers so next time you hear some one at meeting


It just might be God answering you questions might not be the answers you had in mind


Listen with an open mind and the answers will be clear being honest willing and humble


Is how you should be asking God to help you start listening with your heart and mind?


Get tuned into His will for you each morning and carry out His will each day


God does answer all our prayers but you know sometimes the answer is NO


If you’re patient and willing to listen He will guide you to the right place to dump your garbage


Join the millions of others who have found a new way of life trusting in Him and the steps


Join us on the road to that happy road to your destiny Just let go and let God



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