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Step Nine


Should I expect amends from those that have hurt me well not really it would be nice


If I did get amends but step nine is dealing with cleaning up my side of the street


 Not demanding or expecting anything in return from the people who I make amends to


Not everyone has the 12 steps to a new way of life and this is where live and let live comes in


I make mistakes every day and I have step ten to help me deal with the mistakes of today


We are taught to make amends for us to become better people and to clean up or own stuff


God is going to take care of the rest we learn how to Forgive others so we may move on


What others have done to me is on their hands If they make amends that’s OK if not that’s OK


Forgiveness does not mean I accepted unacceptable behavior towards me or others


Nor does it means I have to face to face forgive them forgiveness but it does free me



From the bonds these people had on me and it frees my mind of the anger and resentments


I had carried for so long God gave me the power thru forgiveness to change my whole attitude


Around and that’s all I need in terms of amends from people who did wrongs to me


All would like people to make amends to us but reality is that some times they were so grave


That we need not see these people again but I had to forgive them for me to move forwards


I made all of the amends I had to make to all my family friends and many other People


Many places I once was not welcomed and to creditors I made the big list in step eight


A list of all who I had harmed and became willing to make direct amends to them all


Wherever possible I needed help with this I could not just make amend to everyone on my list


The second Part of step nine the big exception when to do so would injure them or others


That really stuck out in my mind did I not want to make the amends or would it really hurt


Them if I Did was I being self-gratifying or was I being humbly I just did not know for sure


I asked my sponsor to Guide me thru the amends I needed to take and he helped show


Me the ones that were best left alone today thank God for the wisdom he gave me


Working the steps thru the teachings of the 12 steps God and the people in the fellowship



I have made the amends wherever possible but even today amends do pop up


That has to be made as soon as they are recognized and will not hurt another’s


Recovery is an on going process thanks to God we are given the time to recover


Time to make things right in our lives today God bless

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