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Step Two


"Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity."


To start with my higher power when I first arrive in the halls of recovery was ME!


Did not take long to realize the people who were at these meetings had been were I was


I sat and listened to many people share how they began to believe in this higher power concept


A lot of what I was hearing was good stuff about how to stay sober how to change ME!


This Group Of Drunks became my first higher power even if I did not believe all the God stuff


They told me my Higher Power loved me even when I was at my sickest point in my disease


They said you could pick yourself up surrender to the disease make the choice go to a meeting


Get a lot phone numbers and find a sponsor to help you learn how to find your higher power


Step two does tells us we could be restored to sanity so I guess when I got here I was insane


That does not me I have been restored to sanity YET! But I sure am not the same nut I was


Today I have the power to choose what my attitudes and actions are to be this is freedom


Changing my behaviors linked me to my higher power and mine is God, as I understand Him


As soon as I had stopped wondering what I could do to bring my Higher Power into my life


He took care of my conscious contact to him only when the time was right and I was ready


As an alcoholic I want to control everyone and everything in my life it doesn't work that way


I had to work on my willingness and my open-mindedness about this new higher power  


In my past willingness was based on a "What's in it for me attitude” what will I get from this


Always had to be an angle there some place I did not know willingness comes from humility


And an honest sincere desire to change me and my attitudes towards people places and things


I still have many character defects and shortcoming that tend to get in my way at times


Thought I could get sober on my own will power only thing I needed to change was not drinking


When I got to these halls I had no faith in any type of higher power and I sure did not trust yours


I sure did not want that vengeful condemning God as I had understood Him no way did I need Him


He sure was not going to help the likes of me the way I always defied Him in my actions


He had already judged me and condemned me to down under so who needed him in their life


When I listen to people share they kept telling me I could use anything I wanted to as a higher power


As I started to use this Group Of Drunks I was introduced to in the beginning of my recovery


I did want what they seemed to have going on in their lives this was only working for a little while


I tried this prayer thingy Got on my knees and asked Him for help to stay away from a drink today


It worked but still something else was missing I still was not honest with people around me


Well I came out of that drunken fog and I started to use this new power greater than myself


I knew this higher power could help me recover from this disease and restore me to sanity


Because I had seen people just like me using their higher power for peace and serenity   


I need time to find out who I was and who I could become thru the teachings of AA


I know today when my prayer is from the heart it is a true prayer and am at peace with God


Through my conscious contact with my God I learned to let Him be the source of my love


I understanding today what God most wants for me is happiness contentment and peace


God is big enough to encompass what any of us may conceive God to be


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