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Step Three


"Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him


In step two we came to believe those words remind me today that I didn't get here alone


When I think about faith today God always comes to mind not only do I need faith in His care


I also need faith in my sponsor and people of the AA fellowship God has put into my life


They help me remember where I came from and how the power of God is keeping me sober


My friends and family are in my life they trust and respect me for who I have become


They have faith in me because I have changed and am not the same person I was drinking


I was told the beginning of a spiritual way of life lays behind the door of step three


The step tells me there is only one key to open the door to freedom it is called willingness


To me without being willing to seek out this new God really trying to find him with-in myself


Trying to understand what so many before me came to believe in God When they were


I was told He was the God with-in me I was desperate enough to humbly seek Him out


And when I did seek Him out I look deep with in me a found a God of unconditional love


He forgave me and helped me to find and seek the forgiveness from all who I hurt


He also showed I must also forgive myself for all the pain I caused in my sickness


A new way of life was laid at my door and the willingness to walk thru was given to me


Thru His true love and forgiveness new hope came to me the desire to drink was lifted


This was only a mere beginning to the rest of the step the door opened into step four


With new hope I could start doing that inventory with out any more fear of my past


But I was given a lot of hope and love by accepting the God of my understanding


I thank God that he led me thru this door of step three to His loving new way of life


Faith is a fantastic adventure in trusting the God of my new understand


When fear came knocking on the door faith answered and no one was there


Remember when fears knocks on your door let your faith in God answer it


Faith is the tool I used to find the courage to walk thru my past to find peace and serenity


I hope you all can walk thru that door to the beginning of your recovery


And find the love and understanding I found


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