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"Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves."



1. How can our instincts exceed their proper function in recovery?


My instincts often far exceed their proper functions they were powerful and blinded me many times my instincts drove me they were the most glaring defects I had my desireís for finance romance and self-importance were the only God I believed in at that time yes my natural desires were out of control and caused me tons of trouble


2. Why is Step Four an effort to discover all our assets and liabilities?


†††††† Step Four for me was not as fearless as I believed it would be when I read and fearless moral inventory I had to discover what liabilities I had and I sure did not think I had any assets at first look but when I started making my lists I found I did have many assets and they kept me balanced in my writing the inventory


3 .What are the basic problems of extremes in instinctive drives?


††††††††††† Every time I imposed my free will on others it always came back to bite me my anger jealousy and revenge were right there telling me its all other people places and things that were wrong the more demands I made the angrier they got prestige was a big problem for me I was president of a menís club and ran it like a dictator and wondered why they did not agree with me all the time


4. How can a misguided moral inventory result in guilt, grandiosity, or blaming others?


Well I have to tell you my first inventory was very misguided I blamed all my problems on everything and everyone who I could blame it was not an inventory of my faults and I sure did wallow in self-pity

I sank to a point of despair that nothing but death looks possible as a solution this was not how the fourth step is intended to be used but thatís why guilt remorse and despair came with this type of inventory and being in charge of the club certainly was grandiose


5. How is our self-justification of things dangerous in recovery?


††††††††††† Well like most members of AA I to suffered severely from self-justification I made of excuses of for my drinking and many other damaging behaviors I made alibis and excuses a fine art I did point with pride to the good life I thought I led before the bottle became my God I justified my character defects ha been caused by my excessive drinking and I to thought just staying sober was enough why did I need to take a moral inventory now after all I was sober


6. How does willingness to take inventory brings light and new confidence in us?


The need for a list of personal defects was the only way I was going to find out who I really was and just what the more serious defects and shortcomings were I needed to take a serious look into my motives of the past to right the wrongs I did drinking for me it was by writing out the letters I had to look at what part I had in causing the acts done to me and just what my motives were at the time I found out that we are all human beings doing human things with out regards to what Gods will for us is at the time


7. In what way is Step Four a beginning of lifetime practices in recovery?


†††††††† Since Step Four is but the beginning of a lifetime practice, it can be suggested that he first have a look at those personal flaws which are acutely troublesome and fairly obvious. Using his best judgment of what has been right and what has been wrong, he might make a rough survey of his conduct with respect to his primary instincts for sex, security, and society. Looking back over his life, he can readily get under way by consideration of questions such as these:


8. Why do we need an inventory review of all our relationships?


††††††††††† Because of my twisted relations with my family friends and society I have suffered the most††

I was stupid and stubborn about my relationships with them all I failed to recognize is my inability to form a true relationship with another human being I insist upon dominating the people I knew and my insecurity grew and festers fear anger and depression took over my life I never gave it even a little thought to be one in my family to be a friend among friends to be a useful member of society I always had to be on top my self-centered behavior blocked my every endeavor until I reviewed all my relationships with others


9. Why is thoroughness so important in doing this fourth step?


††††††††††† Therefore, thoroughness ought to be the watchword when taking inventory. In this connection, it is wise to write out our questions and answers. It will be an aid to clear thinking and honest appraisal. It will be the first tangible evidence of our complete willingness to move forward.


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