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When I am bombarded with of out of control emotions action is almost impossible


When fear was in control of my emotions I wanted to run back to the bottle


One of my best hiding places was in the bottle I did not feel my own thoughts


By taken action I walked thru my fears and emotions I did not have to do this alone


Today emotions do not intimidated me I know positive action will see me through


What others people thing of me is none of my business what God knows of me is


Reputations are what people think of us Character is what God knows of us


Others who had there own way of thinking mistook Many times my words


That’s OK I can only carry the message as it was given to me threw the 12 steps


Because of these 12 steps I made a commitment to myself to take positive action


Actions speak a lot louder than any words we could ever speak I try to walk the walk


If I want people to believe me I must follow up on what I say because this is action


It is amazing how quickly we can gain credibility when we walk the walk with actions


Today I try not saying anything that I can't back up with my actions


But I am human and fall short at times I have held back

When God offered the opportunity carry the message


I may hold back because of fear that I can't help

Forgetting that any action is its own reward


That is what makes AA so special to people who are completely devoted to recovery


We know that anything done for AA makes the whole world a better place to live in


Take the action to become a useful member of the society you now live in


God bless you all



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