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I came to the halls to learn how to drink in safety and get my family back


But it was because of all the mistakes of my past that I stayed in the fellowship


I had blamed all the people in my life for my problems not thinking of how I had harmed them


How much it hurt me to feel all the negative things that I did when I was drunk!  Poor me!


Can’t say that I ever blamed the bottle for anything that happened in my life


It was my only friend it comforted me and helped me forget

It was always at my side would never leave me Like others had


I was the ruler of the universe and you all were just my servants to use as I pleased


I did not care about anything or how much I could and did hurt anyone when I got here


Recovery taught me that if I was to get well and stay sober

I must feel every feeling I have both the good as well as the bad


Accept responsibility if I where ever to have any chance at living life with out booze


Not one thing from my past can I change nor do I wish to change anything about my past


Because one of promises told me I will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it


All the tools I needed were in that big book and with the help of the people in this fellowship


I found that I could forgive myself for all the wrongs I did and could make amends for them


I had to forgive myself after all the others that I hurt and blamed had forgiven me


God had forgiven me and helped me move on with this new way of life


I accepted this forgiveness and started with Gods teachings on 12 steps of recovery


God loves us all and I love each and every one of you



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