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To me taken action working the steps is setting boundaries in my new life


Boundaries were something that I needed in the beginning of my recovery


Because I thought that I was God almighty himself  


I had not a clue as to what I was getting into joining AA


I heard that it was a bunch of holy rollers and they just preached


To you about all the things that you did to other people places and things


Well I was not very open minded to the changes I needed to make or


The boundaries that my sponsor told me I had to set for myself for my own good


Well I have learned that boundaries are good things to use in changing your life


They keep you on guard against the old self that is just behind the door


Waiting to take over my life again with all the character defects still intact


I have learned that others have a right to their opinions just as I have


And if I do not agree with them today its OK to have that difference


But the old self would have argued with you till I was blue in the face


Your opinions were always wrong it they did not agree with mine


When we have the boundaries to overcome our emotions and let others have their say


Nothing is harmed we just differ in that opinion neither is right or wrong just different


We all have different standards and some times there can be a conflict between us


Boundaries set the stage for what is acceptable or not acceptable to us


It’s Ok if the other person’s boundaries are different than what we expect from them


God is my higher power and I know many who do not believe in God’s power


I used the group of drunks as my higher power at first because I did not want yours


AA teaches us to set the boundaries for us not the other person in our life


They can do well on their own without our meddling into their affairs


God knows I have all I can do to stay sober and take care of myself


May you find your HP as I have found God?





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