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Came to Believe


Boy I came to the hall I came too but this came to believe stuff sure was hard


Because I did not want anything to do with God as I knew Him then


I really was afraid of what He was going to do to me never would admit that before


I know I was condemned to hell for all the dumb things I did in my life


I sure did not want Him around me to remind me where He was going to send me


Thought I could get sober on my own only thing I needed to change was not drinking


When I got to these halls I had no faith in any type of God and I sure did not trust yours


I sat and listened people sharing how they began to believe in the higher power concept


I did not think that was so bad so my group became my power greater than myself


That was only working for a little while BUT I needed more so I tried this prayer thingy


Got on my knees and asked Him for help to stay away from a drink today


It worked but still something else was missing I still was not honest with people


So I started to get honest and humble in my daily prayers to Him


But the things I prayed for I was not getting asked my sponsor about this


He asked me if I was listening to God's answers to my prayers DUH!!


He told me step 11 had two parts to it you do a lot of praying but very selfish prayers


That’s why God keeps saying NO the second part is the meditation part


Where you sit quietly and listen with your heart to what God is saying


Look at what your asking for with your prayers He will give you answers if you’re honest


God talks thru people so next time you hear some one at meeting


It just might be God’s answer to your questions listen with an open mind


Try to be humble in your praying to Him asking for His guidance in your life


Knowledge of just what His will is for you today and how to carry it out


God gave you second chance at life try only to attune you free will to His will for you


And to try and do the next right thing in your life today for others as well as for yourself


After all Pray is asking Gods advise  


Meditation is listening to all his answers


Even it the answer is NO


God bless each of you as He has me


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