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Change is a constant in my life every moment of my life I change


Yet I cannot change one thing in my past nothing about my attitude towards life


I was always a user I could use anyone for any of my needs at any time


I would take advantage with out looking back to see it they got hurt in the possess


To tell the truth it just did not matter to me as long as I got what I wanted from them


Booze was more important to me than family friends work or anything else


I was completely hopelessly bankrupt when I entered the halls of AA


Today I have a new way to live life God is back in charge of the universe not ME!


I have found a fantastic God that I understand today thanks to the fellowship


Today I am willing to share Him with anyone who wants our way of life


You’re all welcome to use my HP until you find the one of your own understanding


He put people into my life they gave me unconditional love they all seemed to have


They just wanted to help me thru hard times and never expecting anything in return


To not change myself and how I lived would only have made me sober


I would still have all my character defects and shortcoming intact to take me down again


They would be Glaring for the world to see so I needed to do a lot more work on myself


After putting down the bottle I had to learn how to live a new way of life


And Face the many changes I needed to make I was sure overwhelmed with recovery


It required my making decisions to change and live in a different and strange manner


Without the false hope alcohol gave me had to face the anger and fears of life


Living one day at a time gave me the opportunity to make many of my life changes


I was not the most important person in the universe But just another bozo on the bus


I have learned that change is an absolute everyday Changes are made in my life


Its how I change that is important I can go Kicking and screaming like I used to


Or I can go with the serenity God has blessed me with the ability to change


I have been given this second chance to live and by given it back I receive more


Everyone has the same chance to recover and learn how to have a useful life


With Gods help and the help of the fellowship we all can give them this chance


Today if a change comes my way I know It’s God’s invitation to a richer life


All changes include risk God wants these changes to improve my life


I am Accepting changes willingly and with serenity knowing it’s for the best


Change can bring new understanding into the meaning of life for me today


It brings greater strength and confidence in all things I try to do in my new life


God wants us all to enlarge our capacity to love to serve and to understand


The changes we experience is when we work the 12 step of our own recovery


If I had not change the way I was living my life all the wonderful things


My wife and I Are sharing today would just not have been possible


I know I go nowhere without God walking beside me my life is good when I change


This fellowship is where I go to find the strength to make all the daily changes


The 12 steps are where I find myself changing in this new way of life


God has never given me more than I can handle


He can and will do for me what I could not do for myself


He will for you if you accept the changes you have to make in your life


God bless each of you as he has us



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