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Daily Reprieve


My wife and I are both in AA and both happy sober recovering Alkies


I was asked some time ago do we need Al-Anon to stay sober together


Well we don't think we need two programs to keep us close to one God


Seems that AA and Al-Anon teach the same principles and same 12 steps


I am not cured of alcoholism what I have is a daily reprieve from a disease


Of mind body and soul if I maintain my spiritual conditioning keeping my spiritual principles


I have a choice today to take my own inventory and leave others to take their own


As active alcoholics I lost my ability to choose whether I would drink or not


Only because I had a compulsion that I could not fight out there alone in my disease


I was compelled to go on with my own destruction because I was alone in the disease


Thanks to God I did make a choice that brought about my recovering from the disease


Step one I came to believe that alone I was powerless over alcohol and had no life to manage


I also came to believe that a Higher Power could restore me to some form of sanity in my life


But only when I became willing to practice all of A.A.'s Twelve Steps to a new freedom


I sure did have to become willing to make all the changes in my life to stay sober


I know the futility of trying to break the drinking obsession by my own will power alone


Honesty open-mindedness and willingness to accept the steps as a way of life


Was the only way I could restore me to sanity in my ways of living without the drink


By continue progress in making choices and moving toward high goals


My sanity has returns and the compulsion to drink has vanished from my life for today


As long as I keeps away from the first drink go to meetings and reach out to help other


I will have a reasonably happy and healthy life free from bondage of myself


But once I take any alcohol whatever into my system I know something happens


In both the body and mind which will make it virtually impossible for my to stop


Experience confirms this to me by watching others go out again some never to return


I do not wish to ever set cycle of drinking in motion have way to much to lose to do that


I know the main problem has always centered in my mind rather than in my body


I know how irrational I was by seeing this irrationality in myself thru the fourth step


I was in fact ill but today I understand the difference between sane drinking and alcoholism


"Sanity" is defined as "soundness of mind." and I sure did not have that in my drinking days


I know that as long as I keep away from drink I will reacts much like other people who are sane


And as long as I let god guide me thru life I will be happy and free


God bless each of you


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