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Detachment is always hard I still have to deal people places and things are around me


I have to deal in regards to all aspects of my life and some times this is hard to do


Knowing there is hope for all who suffer I sometimes tend to try to fix them


And try to change them well it can be an all-consuming emotional battle


Thinking of how I can detach from the problems of others in the grips of this disease


Having sons who are still out there in the mist of the disease is most difficult


I have been told many time in recovery people have the right not to recover


Our best intentions and best efforts may not achieve what we want for others


Especially if what we want the most for our family and friends is the recovery


And no matter how much we want them to be healthy and whole and drug free


Given them all of the information we can give them show them or help them


They still have the right not to want this recovery that was freely given to us


Well I did learn everyone needs to hit his or her own bottom I must let this happen


Believe me this tough love is not an easy thing to do when it’s your family


When you see your loved ones living on the streets begging and stealing to survive


While your safe in your nice warm home with plenty to eat and nice hot water to bathe


Knowing they could have this only if they are willing to ask for and accept help


Unconditional love does also mean that we have to let go so they can find themselves


I am always praying this day will soon come to them as it did for me


Praying we don’t lose them forever in the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction


No matter how hard we try to give them recovery we can't force anyone else to change


God we can't get inside other people's heads and make their choices for them


Decisions that could make a difference do not come from free will


They come from the inside not the outside they are personal not social


The only thing we can do is become examples thru how we live our lives


This is the most powerful tool we have in our toolbox for these situations


The only influence we can make is of a life lived with serenity and truth


All we can do is let the light of the program shine through us to them


And pray that the wall blocking the light will somehow be taken down


As much as I want to give this to my loved ones all I can do is pray for them


They are Gods children and He will care for them until they can care for themselves


I try to remember my first problem is to accept their present circumstances as they are


And to remember how closed minded I was for so many years in the grip of this disease


I have to accept the people around me, as they are Just as I accepted my powerlessness


They have to find and accept life on life's terms I can only pray for that to come soon


Very hard to accept situations and people as they are instead of as I would like them to be


Much more so when they are my family members and I see them slowly dying before me


I had to let go of the frustrations and fears I had so as to live my life under Gods terms


There are no more difficult people in the world than the ones you love the most FAMILY


I think it has come for our sons and hope it continues to keep them clean and sober


I know being so close to family I cannot help like others can today


There are many treatment centers they can go to for this help and halfway houses


And have a happy life trusting in Gods care and becoming thankful for Gods gift to us all


Knowing we Need to let go and let God does not make it easy when its family


And we are human beings who love them and want the best for them



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