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Making Amends


Well like anyone else who comes into to the halls I had a whole lot of amends to make


To family friends and many other people many places I was no longer welcome


Amends to the many creditors that never got paid because I drank up their payments


This list could go on forever but that’s what I did in steps four and eight


Made the big list of all who I had harmed and became willing to make the amends


Well that was not as easy as it sounded after I read step nine making direct amends


To such people wherever possible I needed help with this I could not just make amend


To everyone on my list the second part of step nine accept when to do so

Would injure them or others that really stuck out in my mind


I did not know if I not want to make the amends or would it really hurt them if I did


Was I being self-gratifying or was I being humbly


I just did not know for sure so I asked my sponsor to guide me thru the amends


He helped me with the ones that were best left alone so I did not hurt anyone


Today thank God for my sponsor and the wisdom he gave my thru working the steps


Thru the teachings of the 12 steps and the help of God and the people in the fellowship


I have been taught that if I want the respect of others and have respect for myself


I would have to become respectable


If I want to be able to be trusted I have to become trustworthy


If I want to have dignity I must become honorable trustworthy and respectable


In my affairs with others for me this did not happen overnight it takes that TIME


I have a deep respect for who I have become with the help of many people with in AA


Today I do have self-respect and the respect of my family friends and my home group


Respect from almost everyone who I met on this journey to maintain my sobriety


Today I try to give back what God has chosen to give me thru 12 steps of recovery


To a fantastic new way of Life Today TIME= Things I May Enjoy


God bless all



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