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There was a time in my recovery that I saw nothing left to go to meetings for


My life was going good I was getting busy with life and active in other things


Sure was doing great fantastic job doing what I liked best sober and happy


But of course we had a need to put first things first we started to stay home


Was trying to help kids adjust to our new family life and AA became less important


We had to fix our kids keep them off drugs and that was going to be a full time job


So only contact I had with recovery was with people at work

I talked to who needed help


But meetings were put aside I had a few years of sobriety

and was getting bored with meetings


I complained about every thing about

how people just stay in their disease never changing


Well I did soon stop going to meetings all together

my attitude and character defects started to return


I became God again started acting the same as before I stopped drinking

and I was a raving manic


Well I started to return to my meetings

but this time I became more active more caring and given


I got into service work and was reaching out to help others

 who were having a hard time


Getting active sure made a difference to me

I started to do the very same things I was taught to do


Complacency has no place in my life today

I needed an attitude change and meetings gave me that


Happiness is a by product of how we live and act in the world

we live in and its a big world


I am busy trying to do what God intended me to do when

He gave me this gift of sobriety


God has been good to Sandy and I

and we in return try to give back every thing that was given to us


God bless all of you as He has us




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