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Courage to change


Courage to change the thing I can was difficult

I did not have a clue as to what I could change


And needed the wisdom of a group of drunks

To show me how much I needed to change me


It takes a lot of courage to change but for me I had no choice because


I couldn’t take any more of what my life was like when I came in here


I got a quote a in my e-mail I don’t know who wrote it


If you have one foot in yesterday and one foot in to-morrow you have wasted to day


I wasted a lot of days with fear poor me and what ifs


Was told to keep it simple and think about what needs changing in your life


Well I knew every thing around me need changing people where angry at me


They needed to change their attitudes

My creditors where all on my back and really ticking me off


They didn't understand that I was trying to get sober

And had no time for their petty complaints


They would get their money sometime my landlord also just did not understand


After all I was only 2 month behind in my rent

That was not that a big deal now was it


My sponsor did not think too much about what I thought needed to be change


He said this is not about what other people did to you


The courage you need is to change yourself and your attitudes


About people places and things because there is nothing wrong with them


And if you do not open your mind to the fact that you need to change


Everything about you and your attitude towards what is going on in your life


Then believe me you will be drunk again


Start by asking God to show you what’s right and what’s wrong in your life


Remember God answers thru people like the ones in the fellowship


Sit and listen to how they change their thinking how they took responsibility


For theirs lives making amends as they went thru their past and had the courage


To change their attitudes towards all things in their lives


This program saved me and gave me courage to slowly start to change


It gave me a way to live in today it gave me courage to look at what I could change


I still go back to fear and sitting and feeling sorry for myself


But the periods are way shorter and when I come to these meetings


Someone is always there to help me get the courage to ask for help


 it’s not easy to change things


But God will give us the courage if we ask


And we need the willingness to accept the changes


God bless with you all



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